Skype Lunch

This is a project I started with Markus Reuter (who lives in Hamburg) and Guido Zimmermann (who lives in Düsseldorf). We always wanted to meet up for lunch (and especially for some good lunch conversation) when Markus was in Düsseldorf — but we never really made it. So we came up with the idea to meet online…

And that’s the way it goes:

You work all day but you don’t want to miss some good and inspiring lunch conversation?! Then join the bunch — let’s meet'n grEAT!

1.) Become part of the fb–group.
2.) Post a date and your favourite lunchtime on the wall.
3.) Wait for responses.
4.) Pick the person you’d like to have lunch with out of the comments.
5.) Exchange your Skype—names.
6.) Meet on Skype and have lunch together.

'Skype Lunch' is a 100% non-commercial fun project.